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The project "JuBot - Staying young with robots" started in April 2021. In the JuBot news archive we have compiled highlights around the project.
Ein humanoider Roboter hält Blumen in der Hand, im Hintergrund ist die Karlsruher Pyramide in futuristischem Design zu sehenKarlsruhe Theme Week - The Robot Capital?!

The theme week "Karlsruhe - The Robot Capital?!" from November 21 to 25, 2023 invites citizens to engage with the growing presence of robots in our everyday lives. The event will include workshops, discussions and an interactive exhibition where questions about the integration of robots in different areas of life will be discussed. This theme week offers a unique opportunity to get involved in shaping the future with robots and to exchange ideas.
Registration via ITAS - Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis

Programme (PDF Download)
Assistive_Robotics_for_CitizensWorkshop: Assistive Robotics for Citizens

We have organized the workshop „Assistive Robotics for Citizens“ on the IROS 2023 in Detroit, USA together with researchers from Japan, Australia and France. The workshop discussed the development of assistive robots for all areas of social life, as for example caregiving, household chores and the support and augmentation of humans in work, sports and leisure. Further information on the workshop and the keynote and spotlight talks can be found on the workshop website.

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Der Roboter ARMAR liest ein BuchWorkshop for the first milestone

After one year the first milestone of the project JuBot has been achieved. The first milestone includes the analysis of requirements for future assistive robots. The JuBot researchers have combined the work done in the first year of the project in a workshop and the next goals for the following year have been planned.

ARMAR-III in the kitchenStay young with assistive robotics

In April 2021 the project JuBot - Stay young with robots funded by the Carl-Zeiss-Foundation has started with a kickoff event. In the next five years researchers from KIT will develop humanoid assistive robots and exoskeletons to support elderly people in their daily life.

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